Essay On Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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Additionally, the related text “ A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens facilitates an individual self-discovery, as a reassessment to permanently reshape an individual outlook from the previous perspective and in turn experience a new transformation to reform their values to connect with the world. This idea is evident through the character Scrooge as Charles Dickens uses a narrative voice in “ Oh! But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge”, which captivates and instruct the reader how to feel about the character Scrooge. As a result, the reader can instantly feel a connection to the narrator, as they know that Scrooge is a man who is miserable and unpleasant. Scrooge characterization is further reinforced through the hyperbolic statement “ Whole length of the expression, and said that he would see him in that extremity first” which evinces Scrooge’s dramatic refusal to join his nephew’s family for Christmas…show more content…
This is evident as Dickens manipulates time by stating “the quarter was so long” which illustrate the intensity of Scrooge’s anxieties and fears about the ghosts due to the limited amount of time to change his fate. In addition, Dicken’s use of apostrophe in “ Oh cold, cold, rigid, dreadful death” allows the reader into a deeper insight into Scrooge’s emotional state without using a direct statement from Scrooge, which evokes a sense of reassessment in the reader in regard to their own life. He had become so consumed with the daily grind of work and surviving he had missed out on the opportunity to appreciate what’s around him and other people which led him to be closed off in an austere state of alienation. A sense of self-discovery is identified as Scrooge states to “sponge away the writing on the stone” as he is desperate to change as he looks around at the people in his life and see them where they really
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