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Destructors of Empires: The Sea People of the Bronze Age Mam sirah Sallah Who were the mysterious land invaders and raiders who troubled various lands during the bronze age? This is a question most scholars ponder upon, it is still a mystery today, who these people were and where they came from. The term “Sea People” is a modern name given to group of sea warriors who invaded the Mediterranean. These individuals did not appear until the final period of the bronze age. There have been many attempts to figure out the origins of these people, this could be due to information lost over the period of history. Many scholars have argued amongst themselves whether these individuals are responsible for the collapse of some of the late Bronze Age civilizations such as the Hittites and Egyptian civilizations. The late Bronze civilization had witnessed many disruptions in the eastern Levant, including the fall of the Mycenaean Civilization and Hittite kingdom. The demise of the traditional economic and political powers in these regions opened the way for many groups of mostly Semitic…show more content…
This indicates that the sea people, had more than one settlement as their original settlement was believed to be Canaan. Due to the archaeological records found in these regions, the sea people are believed to have originated from Cyprus. The Sea People symbolize the last step of a long and complex spiral of decline in the ancient Mediterranean world. Cuneiform tablets found in the Syrian city of Ugarit depicted how the city prepared to prevent invasion from the sea people. Radiocarbon dating has also been used to trace the origins of the sea people. The results from archaeologist, with first firm date of 1192–1190 BC was proposed for the terminal destruction and disintegration of Late Bronze Age societies in the Northern Levant due to invasion of the Sea
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