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The international sea and waterwayd transportation today, in most cases, is part of the multimodal transportation, that is, the transportation of cargo carried out by using several modes of transport (sea and road transport, and railway or sea transport). Today oit is almost impossible to tjhink of cargo not using more than one transport option.
The movement of container cargo by sea or inland waterways is probably one of the best know modes of transport. Approximately 5,000 container vessels operating around the globe do the global transportation of containers between the various countries doing global trading. Transport over sea is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to transport goods over long distances. Deep sea transport
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South Africa don’t have the luxury of water transport over long distances, we have potential over a few kilometer’s due to our fast flowing rivers. In Europe they are privileged to have slow flowing rivers with lots of water coming of the snow covered mountains making river transport an easy usable option.
Some of the advantages of the European waterways’ trade routes over sea freight are:
• For a voyage distance of more than 250 km, using a barge as transportation option costs less than raod freight (using trucks) or Railways.
• European Countries without natural seaport such; Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland and Slovakia can use the rivers and canals as an easy and convenient way out to the major seaports. They can easily link to the North Sea via Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Hamburg or to the South going via the Black Sea using The Danube river to reach Constanta port.
• Travelling from the North Sea ports to the Black Sea ports sailing through the Rhine and Danube rivers on a barge is 3,200km in total. Sailing from the North Sea ports through the North-sea and Mediterranean to the Black-sea is 6,300km in total.
• The transit time with barge transport might be longer than sea freight, but the barge availability is much higher for these routes. You won’t waste your time waiting for suitable sea
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