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Global Warming is one of the problems that is facing by world nowadays. It is the reason why large blocks of ice are melting in the Antarctica. Because of this, sea water is rising immediately and eroding the land area occupied by the people. To cope with the problem, one of the solutions is to construct a sea wall. But, what is a sea wall? How can this structure help to prevent the rising sea water from occupying the land area? Will this structure be a great help? According to the definition given by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “a seawall is a wall or embankment to protect the shore from erosion or to act as a breakwater.” ( A solid and powerful coastal defence which is build and constructed near the shore and inland part of the coast to minimise and reduce the effects of strong waves
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( The main purpose of the sea wall is to prevent coastal and shoreline erosion and to protect the land area occupied by the people and also protect the community from any risk that may happen. Like any other things, sea wall has different types, “there is a curved sea wall, vertical, rubble-mound and stepped and curve concrete sea wall.” ( The project proposal is to construct a curve sea wall. But what do we mean by a curve sea wall? Curve sea wall design protects the wall’s base and help to prevent sea waves from reaching the top of the wall. Its concave structure absorb the impact and energy produce by the waves leading to low waves. The only great advantage of constructing it is its complex calculation and high cost.

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