Argument Against Inuit Seal Hunting

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In a world of lies and deception, the truth is sometimes hard to detect. Fact is often hidden beneath statements of opinion, speculation, controversy and anger. The morality of seal hunting has been debated for many years and with every day that passes, the Inuit people struggle for a solution. The EU Seal hunting ban of 2010 created a barrier between the Inuit seal hunters and their traditional food source, which has been worsened by media shaming and constant stigmatization. The hunting of seals and the production of seal products should be legalized on account of the vast role that seal hunting plays in the sustenance, survival, tradition and history of the Inuit people. On August 20, 2010, the production and the distribution of seal products…show more content…
Despite popular belief, the Inuit do not waste any of the seals they hunt. In fact, the Inuits require the entirety of a seal in their survival. Seal products are the Inuit peoples saving grace when facing the harsh conditions of the Arctic. “For us, a warm coat is not a luxury. It’s necessary for day to day survival,” stated Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, a proud Inuit and seal hunting activist. The frigid climate, permafrost and absence of nutritious soils in the Arctic cause the Inuits to have a limited amount of sustainable food. The seal contains a considerable amount of fat, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and iron, making seal very beneficial to the health of the Inuit people. The Director of Wildlife Campaigns at The International Fund for Animal Welfare stated, “Canada’s commercial seal hunt is a horrific waste that has no place in modern society. When seals from the commercial seal hunt are killed, they are not eaten and the whole animal is not used. Over 90% of seals killed are for fur – they are skinned and their bodies are thrown back into the ocean or left to rot on the…show more content…
Instead of anger towards the Inuit people, compassion, understanding, and respect for their culture should be shown. The hypocrisy of anti-sealing associations, the necessity of the seals to the Inuits survival and the disregard to Inuit tradition should cause the EU ban on the production of seal products to be dropped. Therefore, the legalization and acceptance of seal hunting should be initiated. For “Respect depicts acceptance while disrespect is rejection.” - Fawad Afzal

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