Essay On Search In The Criminal Justice System

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Search in the perspective of criminal justice system entails the examination of a person or his/property by legal enforcement officers. Nevertheless, in order for a search to take place, it can be explained that it is vital that a search warrant is available. The search warrant is normally issued by the court and it permits a police officer or another law enforcement officer to carry our search in a specified property (Acker and Brody, 166).
Seizure entails the procedure that is applied in the criminal justice system as the by the police and other legal enforcement officers who suspect that an individual has committed a crime to undertake a search of the individual’s property and seize any items that might be found and could be relevant
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Even though there are at times when the privacy of the owner or the driver of the car might be intruded during the searches, the law enforcement officers are permitted to carry on with the search as long as the search is reasonable.
On the other hand, border search rule guaranteed law enforcement offices to carry out searches on those leaving or entering the country if they happen to be suspected of something illegal. In addition, it can be noted that there is no need for warrant of arrest as long as there is a probable cause (Carmen, 297).
Therefore, it can be explained that as long as there is sufficient prove to show that the concept of reasonableness can be applied, the legal officers do not require any warrant to conduct searches, arrest or seizure. Nevertheless, when going about those duties, the legal officers are also expected to ensure that they have minimal impact to the privacy of those

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