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A broad definition of United Nation is applied in this study, in which migration is stated as a form of spatial mobility of population between one geographical unit and another involving a frequent change of residence of human beings (UN, 1958). However, the scope of ‘frequent change of residence’ in this study is set within internal mobility; ‘human beings in this study are regarded as working class migrants. It is also noteworthy that this study places its main focus on the spontaneous migrants who are outside of government-led migration programs or planned migration. Basically, this research will provide some dimensions of migrant’s community in the fringe area. Thus it will help to explore the reasons of seasonal migration in urban fringe…show more content…
Accordingly, it leads to crucial effects on social, economic and physical developments in urban areas. (Fadzil, 2014). The study on seasonal migration is relatively important for urban planning purposes. This is because of seasonal migration is relevant to the development policy of urban planning (Obudho, 1994). Generally, its relevance is referred to two aspects or issues in urban and fringe area perspectives: (a) contribution of internal migration on urban growth as well as the pace level of urbanization (Pacione, 2001), and (b) negative implications of internal migration on urban areas such as urban sprawl, squatters and slum areas, poverty, and pollution (Skeldon, 2002, Yaakup et al., 2000). Rashid and Ghani (2011) also incorporate to control of high volume of migration to understanding spatial trends and distribution of migration. As spatial trends and distribution of migration is a crucial for the purpose of urban planning decision making. So the proper growth of seasonal migration is essential as it has both positive and contradict impact on society. Beside my research will provide an overall pattern of migration that may contribute to spatial trends and distribution of migration

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