Entertainment, Profit, And Educational Effects Of Seaworld

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Entertainment, Profit, and Educational Effects of Seaworld Although, as “Blackfish” states, the way that Seaworld is imprisoning orcas to use for entertainment and profit is harmful, studying the orcas for education is a reasonable activity, but only in their natural habitat. The organization, Seaworld, is holding and training whales to put on shows for the entertainment of their guests and the profit for themselves. Seaworld holding orcas is harmful to both the trainers and the whales in many ways. They also tend to use them for the education of and advancement for society. However, much of this studying could be studied in the wild. To begin with, every day at Seaworld is training orcas to play a part they are not correctly equipped, nor adapted for; this training leads up to loud, stressful performances in front of large crowds where many problem can, and do, often occur. Orcas have an unpaired, tall and triangular fin located on their back, called a dorsal fin, that is almost always collapsed or bent while…show more content…
A Seaworld, Lindy Donahue, explains that the behaviors Seaworld’s orcas form are of their natural ability. “Natural killer whale behaviors here at Seaworld… you could also see a whale doing that behavior in the wild in order communicate, when you see our whales sliding up and out of the water into the slide out, that’s the same behavior that they do when they’re hunting when they slide out on a beach,” (Donahue). The behaviors seen at Seaworld are primitive so there is absolutely no reason the behaviors could not just as well be studied in the natural habitat of the orcas. The way the orcas slide into the slide out is a hunting technique in the wild, which is dangerous and should be studied where the whales are at a further

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