Essay On Second Amendment Rights

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What I believe in is what every redneck in the United States believes in, 2nd Amendment rights. I personally collect guns from different eras of time (WWII, and Vietnam/ Korea). Back when our nation was first founded, many rights were under fire by a tyrant king several thousand miles away. Those loyal to the crown obeyed the new laws, those that were not so friendly… Well we wouldn 't be here without them. The right to bear arms protects a country 's citizens against tyranny and criminal activity. Citizens that are able to protect themselves with a gobang are usually less likely to be attacked by a criminal. CCDW (Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon) can help to reduce the criminal presence, provided one attacks. Even though “gun control” laws are in place, criminals are still able to gain access to weapons. It may…show more content…
For many years, during the time that most of the “west” was considered Frontierland, people would hunt for animals only to sell the furs and meat. This was a way of life for many people, and the way of life still exists today for many. Many Americans today fear that their rights to gun ownership are threatened by big government. There are a lot of politics that go into even attempting to revoke rights from citizens. Currently, the government uses agencies like the ATF and FBI to enforce laws that restrict ownership of several types of weaponry, or use very strict guidelines to obtain things such as cannons or class three weapons (Full autos). The ATF and FBI requires people who want to own those weapons to apply for federal licenses to own them, which is somewhat understandable considering it is an extremely deadly weapon. Larger cannons, such as those found in tanks or artillery guns cannot be owned by private citizens without being demilitarized, though some companies are able to own and operate tanks and artillery pieces as a tourist type business. Only one of these companies exist in the US that i 'm aware of, and it brings in large amounts of money
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