Essay On Second Chance In Life

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First, with the chance of rebirth and a second chance you need to have a different mindset and have a better look in life. So if you have another chance to change your life you need to make it count. So, the meaning of a new life is very important that you do not change it and make a change to better the first decision you just made. This is like getting a new life and having a different perspective in life. If you make a mistake and you make the same one again it is a choice that you had but did not choose to make smart improvement on it. You have a chance and you need to use it or you can have an opportunity wasted. In all you have to use the chance you get and make it work. The thing you must do is see what you did wrong and try to take a different perspective for the situation that has happened and make some type of plan to avoid making a mistake that can…show more content…
In this case it is negatively because we are speaking in a sense of having a second chance at life. So, act wisely and live smart and make sure you stay at a situation where you have a smart aspect at looking at things and don’t rush into anything and take your time with things and be smart so you do not make a mistake that can cost you something that you can not get back. So, with wiesel it means to me be smart and don’t make any mistakes that will take a toll on you permanently so use your brain and take your time and think before you do something that can possibly end your life. Also, we can learn from other people 's mistakes because someone could have made a decision that you were about to make but because you they had that problem before you it can work to your advantage because figuratively if you they get into that whole you can learn to take another route and not fall in that situation that the person before you
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