Essay On Second Class Citizenship

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Second class citizenship should be allowed in the United States. One piece of evidence that point to this, is that immigrants come to look for a job and second-class citizenship provides them with it. A job that includes money to make a living. Although second-class citizenship does not allow the illegal immigrant the right to vote, they still have the right to receive the pay of a citizen. Research has shown that most undocumented people coming to the United States is because they come to look for jobs. A survey was conducted, and it showed that many Americans believe that they are competing for the same job as immigrants; but that is not the case they come for the same reason as everyone else to look for a job that can help them make…show more content…
It is because children are born in undeveloped countries that might have an illness happening that could end their life and the country might not have the proper medicine needed. The only solution is to come to the United States and offer them the proper medicine needed to save their child 's life. Every year there’s more than 300,000 to 400,000 children born to illegal immigrants in the United States. It comes to the conclusion that parents come to the United States in order for their children to be born in a place where their child 's future would be brighter than theirs. It is stated in the 14th Amendment that if you are born in the United States you are officially a United States citizen, so why shouldn 't they come to the United States for exceptional opportunities? Second-class citizenship guarantees a child 's safety and a proper place to live, unless the parents get deported. Additionally, with second-class citizenship many children 's lives can be saved because of the medicine offered. Although, the second-class citizenship doesn’t allow the family and child many opportunities it does offer them a good education, and a safe place to become adults. This is why second-class citizenship should be allowed in the United States. In conclusion, second class citizenship should be
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