Essay On Second Hand Gadgets

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A second hand gadget is a gadget that has been bought by a second user or a slightly used gadget. Many people wonder why one will buy a second hand gadget whiles technology is improving the features and performance of almost every gadget. Most second hand gadgets lack some features that are being used by new model gadgets in today 's world. I was once walking around a technology gadget market and comparing the stands of both the second hand gadget distributor and the brand new gadget distributor, I realized that most people were customizing the goods of the second hand gadgets distributor than that of the brand new gadget distributor. I began to wonder why because it has always been my problem to buy second hand gadgets because I have one thing on mind about these second hand gadgets. This is that second hand gadgets are never the best and besides, if that gadget has no…show more content…
Are you a tech. gadget repairer and need more business? Are you looking forward to start a gadget sale business? Are you planning to do business in spare parts sale? Then is is a good start for you. Phone repairers for example can make good money or business from second hand phones that are brought for repairs after the buyer of the second hand gadget realizes faults on the gadget. Apart from repairing the second hand gadgets that are brought for repairs, one can buy the second hand gadgets, remove its important and functional parts and use it to repair other gadgets, increasing his income. If you have a little money and want to start a good business in gadget sales, I advice you start with second hand gadgets. You can buy these gadgets which of course come at cheaper prices due to their nature. Eg. US$100 can buy 5 second hand gadgets and sold to make a profit of extra US$50 instead of using that same US$100 to buy just 1 brand new gadget without a profit. One will make good business since most people are economically low and will prefer purchasing second hand gadgets to brand new
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