Essay On Second Language Teacher

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In the domain of education our thoughts always concentrates on teacher’s role in teaching classes. Educational knowledge is transferred through a teacher to the learners. A teacher works like a channel that makes possible the eccess of information from book to the students. A teacher teaches through different ways. It might be teaching in front of the students in the class or might be teaching through phone call or net source. Teacheing happens in two situation either the teacher may present in the class or compose and make videoes which can be read and watched later. Shortly, a teacher is a source by which learners are connected with knowledge. So, a teacher has got a vital position in the eduatioal institution. Teacher’s job is to present…show more content…
If a teacher teaches in an easy and accepted way which meet all the needs of learning then learning happens quickly. A teacher’s role increases more in the second language teaching classes. He becomes an actor in the teaching class to better represent that language as is used in its real society. So, it is necessary for a second language teacher to adopt his personality, attitude and views to suit to the condition of second language teaching class. A language teacher uses strategies, techniques, methodologies and style which are equally helpful for the teaching purposes and help to make second language learning possible. The first three elements are devised according to a plan and may consist of a set of actions, but style is different in its nature. Style better shapes a teacher as an actor of the target language. So, style is related to the behaviour of a person that naturally brings in use while teaching. Lowman, (1984) defines it that “teaching is a performing art. Excellent teachers use their voices, gestures, and movements to elicit and maintain attention and to stimulate student’s emotions. Like other performers, teachers must convey a strong sense of presence, of highly focused
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