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SECONDARY CARE Secondary care focuses on preventing complication of disease conditions. It has traditionally been the province of hospitals; however, other agencies now increasingly provide this level of service. Secondary care centers of the future will focus on treatment of temporal dysfunctions that require hospitalizations but not highly skilled services and high-risks interventions, the evaluation of long term illness that requires hospitalizations to determine any needed change in treatment, and the provision of counselling and therapy that can be provided in a primary care center. Agencies that provide secondary care include hospitals, home health agencies and ambulatory care centers. Hospitals traditionally have provided restorative…show more content…
Traditionally, they were all called nursing homes. Long term care facilities now include skilled nursing facilities for extended care, intermediate care, and personal care for those who are chronically ill or are no longer able to care for themselves without assistance. Because long term illness occurs more often in the elderly, many long-term care facilities have programs that are oriented to the needs of this age group. Nursing homes are intended for people who require not only personal services (such as assistance in bathing and dressing, and meal preparation) but also some regular nursing care and occasional medical attention. However the type of care provided varies considerably. Some admit and retain only residents who can dress themselves and are ambulatory. Other long-term care facilities provide bed care for clients who are more incapacitated. Nursing homes can, in effect, become the clients’ home, and consequently the people who live there are frequently referred to as residents rather than patients or…show more content…
Some who are very sick are normally sent to the main clinic where they can see a doctor for thorough assessment and examination, if need be they can be referred to the hospital for diagnostic investigations or else they are treated locally. 4.5 USEFULNESS OF CONCEPT TO THE WORLD Owing to advancement in health technology, the cost of care is on the high side leading to increasing numbers of health insurance systems, because most people cannot afford the cost of new high-technology services. While being called "health" insurance, it is actually "illness 'insurance, which pays some or all of the costs of medical care in case of illness and is available from several sources. In developed countries like USA, the Medicare systems provides medical care for patients who are over 65 years of age, younger people with disabilities or injuries are also eligible for Medicare coverage. In USA, people who are under age 65, and do not have health insurance because of their financial status probably they are too poor to afford it, are eligible for medical coverage through

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