Argumentative Essay: Should We Be More Security Officers In Schools?

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There should be more security guards or policemen at schools because of the fact that someone can carry out a deadly assault. Maybe not using so much technology, but using more security guards that can patrol in and outside the school. With the use of security guards the chances of a shooting happening is slim, not only that, but with armed policemen it also helps stop people from thinking about doing something bad. Using technology doesn’t stop an active shooter because it can’t do anything but catch or alert that there is a shooter, even with students’ help they can throw things and give enough time to catch the shooter. But with security guards and police they are the ones that can stop a shooter.
The Columbine incident and other school shootings have served as important triggers for increased attention to school security as cited in
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Schools now a days have spent thousands of dollars buying cameras, upgrading to better locked doors, etc. But we still dont know if any of these things will work because sometimes things don’t always work perfectly. Districts could have saved a lot more money if they just hire security guards and a few policemen. Schools are best served by installing and/or constructing doors that can lock from the inside the classroom, bulletproof glass, and rooms that can immediately safeguard students and staff from an active shooter as said in Source C. These types of security measures cost very much and sometimes might not always work. Especially with bulletproof glass, because not everything can be so reliable. But yet it is much better than just installing cameras around the whole school because these types of security can save people. With people going out and about as security guards, they can protect students flee if danger is around. That is the reason why schools need to hire more security, because they can be more
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