Essay On Sedition Act 1948

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Sedition Act 1948 was enacted by British colonial government in 1948 to combat communists. Communists are the person who support communism which is an organisation or society that government owns everything including land, oil, factories and etc. They do not have any private property. This Act was amended through an Emergency Ordinance 1971, not long after the incident of May 1969 also known as May 13 incident, the darkest history after independence of Malaysia. This Sedition Act is to criminalise any questioning on citizenship (Part 3), national language (Article 152), special position of Malays and the rights of other races (Article 153) and the Rulers’ sovereignty (Article 181) of the Federal Constitution. This act also limited the freedom of expression especially sensitive politic issue.

What is seditious tendency? A seditious tendency is defined in section 3 as someone that bring hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or against any Government; someone that seek alteration other than lawful means of any matter by law established; someone that
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The seditious topic in Sedition Act 1948 was government, judiciary, race, rulers, and secession and special rights. After the amendment, the seditious topic did not include government and judiciary. They have deleted the word “or against any Government” in section 3 (1) (A) and deleted section 3 (1) (C). They have also added a paragraph in section 3 (1) (B) which is “A excites a person or a group of persons to demand for the secession of State B from Malaysia. Such act is seditious.” In section 3 (1) (E), they replaced the word “and hostility” with the word “hostility or hatred” and also deleted the word “or” at the end of the paragraph. They inserted the word “ to promote feelings of ill will, hostility or hatred between persons or groups of persons on the ground of religion; or” after paragraph
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