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DEDICATION To my parents and to our family who made this accomplishment possible. And to my friends who cheers me and help me to be better. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost, I would like to thank God for his never-ending grace, mercy, and provision during what ended up being one of the toughest times of my life. To be considered for an Academy Award for this role is a great honor and a privilege, so thank you Academy. Table of Contents ABSTRACT 1 1 Introduction 1 2 Earthquake effects and causes 2 3 LOCATING AND MEASURING SEISMIC WAVES 5 4 Palestine zoning AND PROTECTION From EARTHQUAKE. 6 5 Engineering solutions 8 5.1 Equivalent Static method 9 5.2 Response Spectrum method. 10 5.3 Time History…show more content…
But it’s a huge field and entertaining to explore the nature of the planet that has our lives, so what are these vibrations and what is the source of it? As our homeland, Palestine, is exposed to earthquakes, we will in certain way describe the power of these earthquakes in our land, then we must work to find solutions to this problem and implement it. The question here is what are these solutions and what is the earthquake-resistant design? And so, we will talk about the best solutions in terms of time, cost and resistance to earthquakes of course. The existing engineers ignore the seismic design. This is where we should stand to correct and modify the design method to challenge these horizontal forces. So, we can summarize it by saying that: The purpose of seismic engineering is not limited to knowledge of the place where damaging earthquakes occur, but the appointment of the nature of the generated ground movements because of earthquakes and the type of distortion on the upper layers of the earth's crust then we can lay the foundations for specific appropriate designs and at the lowest possible

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