Selective Abortion Research Paper

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Nowadays, one problem that science has solved is the way to minimize the chances of disability and keep multiple birth to an ideal number during the period when the babies were still embryos. To solve this problem, one process has been developed and commonly used all around the world: Selective abortion.

Selective abortion became a process to help the families who had in-vitro fertilization to have the children with the best characteristics as possible and the number of children they want. It allows these families to select dominant genes, get rid of possible disability in earlier times of pregnancy and (in some cases), choose the gender of the baby as they want at the same time. In-vitro fertilization is a process of putting
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Not only for diseases like diabetes or HIV/AIDS, there are other For example, in the year 2004, there was a case reported that an embryo was embedded in a cesarean section scar. (Meghan M. Gourley) The mother gave up to the child and chose selective abortion as the method because she couldn’t have a chance to successfully deliver the baby anyways. Selective abortion helped this woman to get rid of the unwanted as soon as possible and saved her from suffering a bigger amount of pain.
Another positive implication is that selective abortions can help poor families reduce the pressure of having too many children. Some families cannot support multiple births with their economic conditions. If there’s no selective abortions, they won’t be able to provide a good environment to raise the children anyways. According the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there’s a report in 2009 saying that it can cost between $205,000 and $475,000 to raise a child to the year 18, which seems as a number not quite affordable for a poor family, it will be more extreme when it becomes to be multiple birth. (Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion) Therefore, selective abortion is the only way to ensure that the family can provide the best conditions to raise the
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