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Self-checkout is one of the quickest and efficient machines invented. They are getting more popular in stores as the days go on. These machines may seem like a good investment but in reality they are not. Automation in stores are costing people their jobs. Automation first started to come about in the 1930’s to about 1947. The first self-checkout machine was installed until 1992. They have been around for a while and probably will never go away. They have been around for quite some time now. They seem to become more popular as the years go on. More and more are popping up in big companies like Wal mart, Target and even in the fast-food industry. Companies installed self-checkout for hopes of improving customer service. They are mostly used for…show more content…
I am not going to say I have not used a self-checkout machine before because I have. They are useful if you have less than ten items so then you can just scan and go. I just think there are too many coming about and starting to take over all transactions. The more amount of regular checkout lanes means more jobs for people. If you cut back on those, then there is less jobs available. I do not think regular checkout lanes will go extinct, but they will be limited in numbers. I think if stores like Wal Mart and Target decide to have checkout machines, they just limit the amount in each store. Janet Sparks who is a customer service manager for Wal Mart said "People are not getting enough hours now, and when we have the self-checkout, people are going to be getting even less hours.” These self- checkouts machines are taking away from people income which is not a good thing. People who have bills and stuff to pay are not making less than what they use to make. This is why I say there needs to be a certain balance in the workplace. A balance that benefits the employees and
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