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The self is sometimes understood as a unified being essentially connected to consciousness, awareness and agency. Most of us believe that we have some sort of continuing self, a field of consciousness that persist from our birth to our death.The self is only able to access memories stored in the current brain. One person is independent and can experience all his action.  Western Philosophy: People are separate and unique from each other.  Eastern Philosophy: The self is often treated as an illusion, the idea that people are separate entities from each other and the world is not considered a reality. b)Self Concept: Those concept that depends on our personal relationship and characteristics. Baumeister identify aspects of…show more content…
There are many obvious and visible dimensions in which the humans are divers:height, weight, age, hair, color among others. But in the world of social-relations and self-concepts of people, the dimensions that are most handled and in which people most are reflected on identified are race and, in particular, sex.  Intrapersonal dimension: Also called Self-awareness. It involves beliefs, values and attitudes.  Interpersonal dimension: The way in which relationships develop between people is the focus of interpersonal communication and everything starts from family nucleus.  Cultural and inter-cultural dimensions: The social norms are the guides of the relation between people and group in a society. d)Self Esteem: Self esteem is the major part of self concept. Self esteem stands that how much you feel confident about him or herself. Most of the people have highly motivated about their self esteem according to this self consistency people maintain consistent belief about themselves, even when some one of those beliefs are

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