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People usually ask about the best and most effective martial art to learn for self defense. No specific answer can be given to that question because situations that demand self defense are completely different from martial arts. For a street fight, there are no rules, there can be more than one opponent and there will be no protective gear to protect one punches and being kicked around on hard surfaces. In a street fight, anything is possible.
This does not mean that martial arts are not useful in street fighting. However, if the main goal is learning basic self defense, then martial arts would not be the best option.
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The greatest advantage of learning self defense is the assurance and confidence it gives an individual. Due to the negative news aired everyday and personal experiences, a lot of people feel unprotected. Learning self defense is a good way for such people to have faith in their abilities and ultimately build self confidence.
It helps develop self discipline.
Self discipline is also important when learning self defense abilities. There is need for one to be dedicated to practicing this will ensure that you will be better protected. Just as it is in sports, it is impossible to improve your skills and get better without constant practice.
Improved balance.
It is very difficult for some people to coordinate their body parts and perform two actions at once. Self defense classes will take a lot out of the body and improving balance also means improving focus. Without balance it is almost impossible to defend yourself in a fight. Gaining better control of your body will help you be more prepared to protect yourself when the occasion demands.
It improves your physical
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It is also accessible and durable, making it the perfect weapon to carry around without it being noticeable or attracting too much attention.
The Kubotan is a keychain. This means it 'll constantly be on you seeing as your keys are attached to it and you cannot possibly leave your keys at home when heading out. What better weapon for self defense is there than a tool which will always be in your pocket or purse?!
Despite it 's small size, the Kubotan provides the required degree of force between hand defense techniques and the use of deadly force. It can be very useful and effective in bringing down an attacker. Kubotan techniques can be adjusted to suit different situations. By only strengthening your fist and applying pressure to sensitive parts of an attacker’s body, you can complete disable an attacker in critical situation.
When striking with the Kubotan, the amount of pressure exerted is forced into a small and very precise surface area, thus increasing the amount of damage . With the kubotan, every target is hit simply because every part of the body makes a good target. The more you practise, you can easily discourage an attacker by hitting sensitive areas with a combination of painful strikes within few
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