Essay On Self-Disclosure

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Self-Disclosure is when a person opens up themselves to another person.There are some people that when it comes to self-disclosure it’s no problem for them to share but there are others that take self-disclosure very seriously. Those who self-disclose easily are probably the ones that love to talk to others. The ones that actually dont like self-disclosing are typically the ones that feel vulnerable when they do self-disclsose. Some people may think that self-Disclosure is one of the most important thing when it comes to developing a relationship. The relationship could be romantic or it could me just a friendship.To have a strong relationship with a person there must be trust involved. For that trust to accumulate a person has to become vulnerable for a moment. Once that trust is established it is easier to self-disclose. That is how some people create bestfriends and those bestfriends turn out to be the person you will always go to. Self- Disclosure also has the ability to end…show more content…
For example, a person will most likely talk to a person that they already confined in rather than a person that they barely met. The article” Self Disclosure, Intimacy and Communication in Families. Focuses on how disclosure takes a toll on the advancement of the intimacy of two people. Intamacy does not have to be sexual, it could just be that a person wants to be loved.Self-disclosure could also affect a person’s self-esteem. The journal states that people that tend not to express themselves is because they have a fear of rejection. Ussually when people have the fear of rejection, they have most likely been hurt someway when they opened up before. Which then creates fear for the person who got a negative response. By not expressing themselves could be a hinder in any type of relationship. They won’t be able to feel comfortable self-disclosing any formation with the person they are in a relationship
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