My Self-Discovery Tapestry Narrative

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When completing my self-discovery tapestry, there were a few things that have been important and remains vital until now. I have always been a happy person from a young age and has kept that positive mood throughout my life. I had sad moments happen in my life but it was nothing I could not turn around to become positive. Another element that has always been important in my life is being creative. From the time, I started kindergarten, I was always creative in doing projects. I believe creativity comes with personality because it is your own way of doing things. People who are creative, I believe have great visual minds because they can make something their own from what they see. After completing my self-discovery tapestry, there were different patterns of behavior when coloring in the categories: pets, intense friendships, years in school, hobbies, and self-taught skills. These categories had two or more colors because as I got older my experiences changed and grew with me. I noticed my occupations changed over periods of time when I progressed from my childhood years to an adult. My interests changed because I was maturing into things that were age appropriate, I went to different schools as I progressed to the next level, I gained long term friendships with people throughout my life, my self-taught skills have progressed with me from a young age to now, and my hobbies changed as a teenager. On my…show more content…
I also want to build on my occupations regards to education, work, and my environment. I also have great self-taught skills from a young age that I can see growing with me throughout my life. If I want to get the job done, I am willing to teach myself instead of waiting for someone to show me. I am also known as a self-starter where I need little supervision to get a project
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