Pros And Cons: The Economics Of Autonomous Vehicles

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The economics of autonomous vehicles isn’t as clear cut as it seems. Todd Litman from Victoria Transport Policy Institute gives the expected benefits: reduced driver costs of using a taxi or bus, lower costs of roadways, better fuel efficiency, and supports vehicle sharing to reduce the total number of vehicle owners. Specifically, self-driving taxis or “micro-transit” services could become available to a lot of urban areas and would be cheaper. The drawback? There will be minimal luxury. For cleaners car, it may be metal or plastic which contradicts the novelty of “mobile playground” and futuristic interiors. Also to reduce crime, there will be cameras monitoring and more limitations that would likely occur. In the next decade, self-driving cars might be unable to operate in heavy rain or snow or mixed traffic and will probably cost a lot.…show more content…
Sayer: “A lot of [autonomous vehicle] technology has been developed and is being developed, even though it has not all been put in commercially sold vehicles.” This fantasy world of autonomous vehicles is already in our cars

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