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The Benefits and Detriments of Technological Advancements Throughout time new technologies have emerged to solve problems and make life more enjoyable. Along with the benefits and praise, new technology always comes with concerns and potential detriments. Ray Bradbury 's “The Veldt” and the concept of self driving cars, both pose questions about the benefits and risks of new technology arising in the world. Numerous technologies that are presented in Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt” have obvious benefits to everyday life. Machines in the house do many of the tedious tasks that one dreads on a daily basis. These machines replace the processes of taking hours to cook supper, caring for young children, and much more: “Can I give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can? I cannot” (Bradbury 3). Every chore is performed much faster than could be done by hand; subsequently, giving much more free time to the family, making life more relaxed and stress free. In addition to the technology that assists with daily life, there is a room devoted to helping with psychological problems and keeping stress to a minimum. Technologies in “The Veldt” can be…show more content…
The self driving car is a new technology currently in development which can have a major positive impact across the globe. Self driving cars will theoretically diminish the amount of accidents by a large percentage: “simply by taking the human error factor out of the equation” (Ramirez). Self driving cars would be operated by computers, and would not be influenced by the passengers. The computer cannot be distracted and will always be focused on the road. A decrease in accidents is not the sole benefit to the transition to self driving cars; additionally, they will give disabled individuals the ability to own their own vehicle: “With driverless vehicles, many disabled passengers can enjoy the benefits of enhanced mobility and no longer have to rely on public transportation”
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