Persuasive Essay On Self Driving Technology

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My main topic was self driving technology. Self driving technology is the wave of the future but is it the safest form of transportation. Many people believe that self driving technology is unreliable, unsafe, and vulnerable to cyber hacks. Industry leaders believe they can calm these worries, they believe that to solve these problems by making there sensors better while also removing human error by making driving illegal. Self driving tech is still just starting so we can see what this future holds for this new form of transportation and what it means for us.
Arguably one of the major milestones in a person's life is when they get there drivers licenses. Now what would happen if that milestone was no more. At this year's CES convention in Vegas company's like Toyota and Nissan unveiled their new self driving technology. These new cars are still concepts are have some bugs but the manufacturers sees them ruling the road in the near future. Some concerns of these vehicles are their ability to handle different weather situations, dependability, and their vulnerability to being hacked . So the future is always moving forward but are you going to trust the technologys of
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These new technologys are branching out new waves of jobs and are helping companies like Toyota, and Ford to branch out and link up with companies like google and that could create new jobs in the industry. All of this sounds great until you hear the drawbacks I do believe they can be solved. I don’t however believe we should ever go full autonomous because then we are susceptible to its flaws. This will also make it more popular with younger generations by still giving them the freedom to drive. I do believe that autonomous technology is the future but there is a certain point where you have to stop trusting the machines. As engineer Steve Wozniak once said “Never trust a computer you can't throw out a
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