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Self-esteem is the appraisal of a person’s self. It is how we value ourselves; it is how we perceive our value to the world and how valuable we think we are to others. Self-esteem affects our trust in others, our relationships, and our work. A person’s self-esteem is so important that both high and low levels can be emotionally and socially harmful for the individual. Positive self-esteem gives us the quality and adaptability to assume responsibility of our lives and develop from our mistakes without the fear of rejection. Persons with high self-esteem are involved in extra interpersonal relationships than persons with lesser self-esteem.
Research has shown significant differences among individuals with high and low self-esteem.
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These have all been linked to having a low self-esteem. Police with low self-esteem experience stress far greater than police with high self-esteem. On the other hand, police with high self-esteem are more competent at working in difficult situations and are less prone to stress problems.
Interpersonal Relationship
An interpersonal relationship between two individuals is interdependent; the behavior of each affects the outcomes of the other. The series of interactions between two individual are interrelated and affect each other. There are two different forms of relationship among individuals. A relationship with friends, parents, and family is considered intimate and close.
A police officers’ interpersonal attitude and skills and their ability to resolves conflicts plays an important role in their everyday work. Positive interpersonal relationships at work have a helpful influence on both organizational and individual variables. Research has validated that friendships at work can develop individual employee outlooks such as job satisfaction, engagement, job assurance, and observed organizational maintenance (Cherniss, 1991; Ellingwood, 2001; Jehn & Shah, 1997; Morrison, 2009; Riordan & Griffeth, 1995; Robinson, Roth, Brown, 1993; Song & Olshfski, 2008; Zagenczyk, Scott, Gibney, Murrel, & Thatcher,

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