Essay On Self Reflection As A Leader

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Self-Reflection as a Leader
Self-reflection is the practice of observing one’s own behavior and evaluating the effectiveness of one’s actions for self-development and improvement (Marques, 2017; Spurgeon, 2009). Kellogg Insight (2016) noted that leaders need to reduce the noise in the environment and use solitude to consider values, personal example, priorities and preparation to prevent unwelcome surprises. The argument was made that leaders must practice self-reflection, which enhances self-leadership, to be able to lead others (Kellogg Insight, 2016). Polizzi and Frick (2012) stated that self-reflection allows one to learn from past experiences, which may challenge prior conceptualizations, and result in increased emotional awareness.
Self-Reflection Methods
Saperstein, Lilje, and Seibert (2015) argued that self-reflection is not necessarily intuitive but can be taught and further developed. Various authors have proposed approaches to self-reflection (Kellogg Insight, 2016; Saperstein, Lilje, & Seibert, 2015; Stein, 2009). In
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By comparing self-assessments to others’ ratings, individuals can clarify incongruities which may then result in improved performance (Polizzi & Frick, 2012). It is important to realize that each person’s context is derived from experiences, attitudes, and perspectives which then shape one’s behaviors (Saperstein et al., 2015). Leaders who self-identify the origin of daily specific actions will be better able to repeat or avoid future behaviors based on the self-assessment of effectiveness. Kelly (2016) also discussed the physiological benefits to the brain of self-reflection. The resultant slowing of brain activity generates a more peaceful state of mind enabling one to think more clearly, which is critical for optimal leadership (Kelly,

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