Self-Reflection In Leadership

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Self-Reflection as a Leader
Self-reflection is the practice of observing one’s own behavior and evaluating the effectiveness of one’s actions for self-development and improvement (Marques, 2017; Spurgeon, 2009). Kellogg Insight (2016) noted that leaders need to reduce the noise in the environment and use solitude to consider values, personal example, priorities and preparation to prevent unwelcome surprises. The argument was made that leaders must practice self-reflection, which enhances self-leadership, to be able to lead others (Kellogg Insight, 2016). Polizzi and Frick (2012) stated that self-reflection allows one to learn from past experiences, which may challenge prior conceptualizations, and result in increased emotional awareness.
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Various authors have proposed approaches to self-reflection (Kellogg Insight, 2016; Saperstein, Lilje, & Seibert, 2015; Stein, 2009). In beginning courses, medical students were asked to identify reactions to patients to consider the impact attitudes can have on clinical practice (Saperstein et al., 2015). Saperstein et al. (2015) noted that self-reflection was further enhanced for students through panels, prompted reflective writing, and discussion of the exercises in small groups.
Stein (2009) proposed a reflection typology tool for coaches which would allow classification of the coach role from the client session transcripts. For example, the coach may act as the problem solver, narrative listener, action facilitator, expert, guide or supporter at any point in the session (Stein, 2009). As the coach identifies the role, it may lead to positive adjustments in future coaching sessions (Stein, 2009).
Asking oneself specific daily questions about leadership, sources of pride, accomplishments and challenges was proposed by Kellogg Insight (2016). The answers to these questions can then be used to enrich leadership attributes. Marque (2016) also proposed asking specific daily questions to make sense of one’s actions, increase actions leading to improvement, and prevent harm to
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