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In looking back over the courses you’ve taken thus far, what are the key themes and lessons that you feel will be the most prominent in your mind as you enter the field of social work? This could be a concrete tool or practice, or perhaps a theme or way of thought. One thing that I feel is very important is self-reflection because it is important and is a key theme in many things that I have learned in several courses. In an article entitled The Power of Self-Reflection it mentions a number of questions to ask yourself and they are listed below.
• Am I living up to my core values and personal mission?
• Am I being a person others can respect?
• Am I respecting my body the way I should?
• Am I meeting the expectations I set for others around me?
• Am I using my talents fully?
• Am I performing at my peak capacity?
• Am I giving my family and friends my most and my best?
• Am I engaging in worthy activity?
• Am I making a positive impact on the world?
• Am I on the path to my preferred future? (Daum, 2014,
Self-reflection is important because it helps us to look at our self and improve things that need work or to improve things for the whole self and are well-being such as mind, spirit, and body. The first question reminds me of the social work core values and mission and this does relate to the field of social work but also are understanding of what our own personal thoughts and beliefs are and what we are and are not doing. In addition, this author ties all

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