Characteristics Of Being Truly Independent Essay

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Self reliance is a characteristic that is crucial to survival everyone is somewhat self reliant. Self reliance is counting on yourself instead of others,it is the road to becoming your own person. Self reliance is the product of being independent, self confident, and courageous. Independence is a crucial characteristic of being self sufficient. You have to be able to assume responsibility for your life and decisions in order to be truly independent. Someone who is unemployed and views it as being their responsibility to find a job or to pursue education that will lead to employment is truly independent. Being informed about decisions you make is also a important factor in being truly independent. A Self reliant person is always informed before making a decision ultimately making decisions for themselves without being influenced.A Independent person takes the time to do research and rationalize things before jumping out and making any rash decisions. A person who is Independent also knows where they are going and what they want out of…show more content…
You have to be confident in the decisions for yourself otherwise you will be easily persuaded by others. If you are trying to decide whether to move to another city for a job you can take other opinions into perspective but ultimately a self confident person does what they feel is best. Conclusively making up their mind on their beliefs and what to do in situations. Self reliance also helps you advance your self confidence because their always learning new problem solving skills and experiencing new and different things learning more ways to handle things without the help of others. The more they put themselves out there to experience new thing the more skills they will learn making them more self reliant.. It takes a lot of self esteem to not ask for help unless you have to and trust in your ability to take care of

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