Essay About Self Sabotage

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Self-sabotaging is most often a subconscious behavior, and some of the worst perpetrators have absolutely no idea what they're doing. What is self-sabotage? Any behavior, attitude or talk, self-directed or external, that makes you an obstacle to your own goals. What does self-sabotage look like? It comes in many forms, but the common theme is a person who says they want one thing and lives as if they want another. Most importantly, why do women sabotage themselves in relationships? A few reasons:
They lack confidence
They aren't 100% sure of what they want
They don't believe they deserve what they want
They're waiting for "the right time"
Conflicting desires
Fear that it will never happen if they try
Fear that it won't live up to expectations
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Just do anything which helps you bring out your confidence. You have to know yourself and be true to yourself. Sometimes, that isn’t as easy as it may seem (especially for women because we are very deep thinkers when it comes to matters like these). You are who you are, and you want what you want. The idea of misrepresenting your looks, your thoughts, your desires, and even your weight to the masses is not a novel concept. It’s actually the source of many great punch lines and dating horror stories.
How you sabotage your own chances of making a relationship work with a man.
See, us humans don’t just come with a human brain. We come with three different brains, and the one that makes us survive is the very same brain that makes it difficult for us to maintain a long-term relationship!
This survival brain (called the lizard brain by some psychologists) controls us far more than we think. And if we don’t keep it in check, we always do things that sabotage our own plans with a relationship, or even work, family, our bodies and our health.
A good and quick example of how this lizard brain takes hold of us more than we think is people who are trying to lose weight. They might do a little bit of exercise or go on some crazy diet, but then somehow justify to themselves – “ok just one more doughnut”.
Have you ever done something like
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