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For many people who are trying to lead a simpler lifestyle, guidelines are very important since most people struggle with the mental process initially.

Self sufficiency is a skill which can be very difficult to dominate, but the following 15 steps can help you minimize the amount of effort and struggle.
Having a well thought-out strategy for a self sufficient lifestyle is very helpful in avoiding being overwhelmed.
1. Plant Your Own Garden

The cost of food keeps rising at an alarming rate, and it will have an impact on the financial situation of your family.

Many households struggle to increase their family income only to compensate for the food on the table.

Most people may not have a lot of property to grow their own food, but looking
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Invest in a Dehydrator
Dehydrating the food that you grow will go hand in hand with food preservation and storage.

Dried fruits and jerky can be a very healthy and tasty snack, and they pack a lot of nutrition.

8. Animals
How much space would a small flock of chickens, a hutch for rabbits and maybe even a goat in a corner of your backyard? A few square yards of space can give you a constant supply of eggs, milk, meat and more.

9. Compost Everything

Statistics show that 30-40% of food in America ends up in the garbage, and all of this trashed food can be changed into compost by being added to a compost pile.
Leaves, paper, grass, everything can go right in.

10. Try Making Your Own Alcoholic Beverages

Wine, beer, and cider, all of these libations can easily be made in your own garage. Just think of all the money you can save. You’ll be able to make a barrel of beer for the price of two industrially manufactured bottles, and that’s something every man would love.

Wine is another beverage which can be made easily.

11. Learn to Fish and Hunt

Learning to hunt game and fish can be a great skill to have. To become truly self-sufficient you need to be able to feed yourself and your family and proteins are an important part of a balanced

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