Essay On Senioritis

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Senioritis: What is it? In 1907 was the first time to be known for the use of the word Senioritis (“Senioritis,” 2018). The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines senioritis as lack of motivation to do school work as a senior in high school. Senioritis is further defined as not being on time to school, missing school completely, and drop in grades (“Senioritis,” 2018). All of these reasons stated can cause senioritis along with many more. Causes Senioritis? By senior year the class load is heavier than normal and most are trying to get prepared for college. Not only does school work cause a senior to have what is called senioritis, also the load of extra activities and work. Seniors want to make their last year of high school memorable by going…show more content…
Having the right attitude people will be able to avoid senioritis with full force. According to Weisman(2014), as soon as someone falls into the not caring attitude it will be difficult to get out (Weisman, 2014). If someone decides to start not caring during his or her senior year and go through the whole summer break with no school work, it will be hard to get back in the swing of things when the first year of college comes. Another way Weisman(2014), says to avoid senioritis is, take classes that give college credit (Weisman, 2014). Taking college credit during high school will save many people money and time in college. Choosing to take the challenging classes will keep seniors focused. Quote As previously stated seniors can get nervous for the upcoming year with college ahead. A quote from Cyr(2015) says, a person might feel comfortable where they are at in life, but if he or she doesn’t step out of the comfort zone, he or she may never know what is out in the world (Cyr, 2015). Getting ready and prepared for college is stepping out of a comfort zone. It is a good idea for people to meet others going to the same college as themselves, so they are not going to college not knowing anyone. Opposite of
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