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People go to bed after seeing the last news bulletin on the television. Then what can be news to them in the morning. Newspapers face this serious problem in Kerala today. The search for an answer to this question has led the journalists to resort to sensationalism, one of the most undesirable trends in journalism. Writing, editing and giving pictures are made to cater to the needs of entertainment. (i) Sensationalism The sensationalism started in the developed countries mainly in the tabloids. Nevertheless, in Kerala, the broadsheet papers are also showing this tendency. Over the past few years in Kerala, the ‘tabloidization’ of major newspapers is growing at a tremendous pace. They flush with photographs of glamorous personalities, are…show more content…
Television is a visual media and its main thrust is on entertainment. In the competition with the visual media, the reporters often stoop to adopt undesirable modes, which in effect, trivialise cardinal issues, diluting them with buffoonery. Like sensationalism, trivialisation is also a curse to media ethics. It will lead to the reader to a habit of ‘light’ reading and peripheral thinking. Important events such as weddings and murders are described as trivial and insignificant matters while malignant gossip is projected with minute details. For example, the coverage given by T.P. Chandrashekaran murder and wedding ceremonies of…show more content…
However, an increase in competition also has led some news organizations to distinguish themselves from less responsible outlets by being more transparent about how they do their work. Journalists who want to set their articles apart as truthful and comprehensive have begun giving the public access to their sources. Studies are equipped with margins of error, assertions are backed by supporting web links, and anonymity granted to sources is thoroughly

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