African Serval Cats

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African Serval cats are one of the largest “small” exotic cat. Serval Cats love to play fetch, getting into water and walking on a leash. Serval Cats grow to 20-45 pounds. They are not suitable as a “child’s” pet.

Please take the time to talk extensively with serval cat owner and serval cat breeders for their personal opinions when deciding if a Serval kitten is right for you.The Serval is mostly a nocturnal animal but sometimes can be diurnal. They are thought about mostly a terrestrial cat, as it is long legs testify, however it can basically climb trees making it arboreal as well. This is an example of the extreme adaptability of the African Serval Cat. Serval cats Kitten The Serval cat is distributed widely throughout Africa. They are most common in the open savannas, from lightly bushed country to forests, but near marshy places or rivers. They are also found on high mountain moorlands. In the tall grass a Serval performs his signature style of pouncing up & down in pursuit of
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It also mentions Servals in captivity living to 19 years elderly & the females staying fertile until the age of fourteen. Much of the information in this text comes from studies completed on Servals kept in captivity as early as 1951. Servals have been kept as pets historically in the past in Africa as well as plenty of other parts of the world for thousands of years as they have been hunted for their pelts in the work of this same time period. I think plenty of of the Egyptian vases, so often seen & displayed, to be fashioned after the Serval. The felines were kept by the Egyptians. I would assume for practical reasons such as to provide a defense for grains by being the great mousers they are. They were also kept to protect a dwelling from the evils of night until the Egyptian sun god, Rajh, arose in the morning
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