Reflection Paper: My Learning Service Experience

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For my learning service experience project, I volunteered at my local nursing home, Katy Manor. I have always been around my local nursing home since I was a child because my great grandmother lived there for about seven years and then passed away. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the nursing home and the staff. I served food to the residents and clean the dining hall after they are done finishing their meals. I also went around the nursing home to each room and filled up ice in their cups and gave them a snack if they wanted one.
The concept that I am currently learning about in this class reflected my recent situation at my service site by how throughout the course of the class, it was discussed several times about people's religion and beliefs.
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The concept of being a resident in a nursing home people have the idea that it is they live there to live their last few days or years of life. However, in reality that is not the case. The nursing home that I did my service learning project at, I met some residents that are very aware and capable of getting around and doing their daily tasks. I did get to know residents that have been there for more than ten years and they are enjoying their last few moments being in that nursing…show more content…
It gave me a little experience as to what it is like as a nurse and good bedside manners. I gave me a good understanding that certain people believe in certain things and want things done in a certain way. It changed my outlook on nursing homes because the residents just really need someone to talk to and it will make their whole day. They can not do daily task on their own anymore and it does frustrate them like it would anyone else. I feel for the residents that just want to be able to do tasks on their own, like walking across the room or feeding themselves. Things that I sometimes take for

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