Service Failure In Airline Industry Essay

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Service failure is occurred when the customers cannot meet with their expectation. In airlines service industry, there will have many of failure problems that may face by customers when they come to airlines industry. Normally, service failure is occurred when the service that they want to deliver cannot be fulfilled or delayed or cannot reach the limited standard that expected by their customers. Customer expects to choose the best service of airline industry in order to make them satisfy with the service that be provided. They are paying their money in returns to require a good quality of service by airline industry. Meanwhile, service failure is more depend on how the perception of the customers and is not just consistently with service provider perception of service failure. One thing that the organization needs to aware is the service failure will not only affect the customer loyalty or confidence but it will also…show more content…
Flight delays is happened when airline industry do not inform their passenger about the flight delays. Therefore, there will increase the passenger anger, uncertainty and will fell disappointed with the service provided when the passenger already stay by for boarding. Many passengers are waiting at airport when their flight has been delayed or cancelled. Passengers will have a negative experience with the service that provided by airline industry. Passengers will attempt to make complaints with airline industry about the flight delayed problems. Normally, they will think that they already paid for the service tax and they actually can acquire good service from airline industry. From customer perspective, the major factor of negative outcome of waiting is waste their time. They do not want to wait when the flight is delayed and they do not know it will take how long time to wait for the flight time (Wong, McCain, and Liu,

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