Essay On Sex Addiction

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Another conflict with the notion of a sex addiction is that the chemical components in the brain show similarities to other brains with substance abuse issues such as alcohol and drugs. While Carnes theory is that there are similarities in a brain scan of a person with a substance abuse problem and a sex addict, he believes there is similar chemical action when someone is doing something sexual or when the other person is drinking or doing drugs. Siegel and Siegel argue that correlation does not mean causation. There is not enough evidence for a true correlation.
Reid and Lloyd (2009), conducted a study on psychological symptom patterns in hypersexual individuals. Like other researchers, they did not necessarily call it a sexual addiction study.
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Sexual addiction is a growing issue and more people are beginning to open up about the topic because it is more socially acceptable to talk about sex. Although there are not enough studies that can educate the public on this disorder it leaves room for growth in this topic, which is much needed. At first, I did not believe that sex addiction was a real disorder but as I read through articles it convinced me that it is likely for someone to have a sex addiction. I believe we all have a tendency of picking up on a habit without even knowing it. When I was working at my old job, it would stress me out even before walking in. Before work, I would always stop by seven-eleven to buy myself a red bull because I was convinced I needed it to get through the day. I soon realized that I was creating an addiction. Perhaps I was coping with my distress from work and attempting to make myself feel better by buying a red bull every work day. In relation to the studies provided, it is considered an addiction of it enables you from your day to day task (I would go out of my way and sometimes get to work late just to stop for my red bull), if I did not get my red bull I would be annoyed all day (causing some harm/ or annoy my coworkers). In relation to that small situation, I could see how we can fall into an
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