Essay On Sex Education In Schools

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21.Sex education should be compulsory in primary schools.
Early sex education!
Argumentative Outline - Plan A
(At least one in-text reference required)
Sex education should be taught in schools. In fact, the most successful sex education focused on those that are not sexually experienced and those are primary school children. Malaysian Aids Council has carried out a research in 1999/2000 and has disclosed that children as early as nine years old have had sexual intercourse. Another research has found that 2.2% of the society was discovered to have sexual intercourse out of matrimony in 2004 (Azizan 2010). Sex education is not mainly related to lovemaking like what people usually think of. Sex education in primary
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Many people still believed that sex education should be compulsory in primary schools because a research has shown that parents in America do not like to discuss with their kids about sex (Strasburger 1993).

Supporting detail (a):
Many parents naturally feel embarrassed to talk to their children about topic that is related to sex (Winter 2014). Some of them are afraid that they might give wrong advice or respond to their kids which may lead them to wrong choice. So it is better if the teachers in the schools take this responsibility to influence the children a better sex education.

Supporting detail (b):
As for the children, they are afraid or uncomfortable to ask their parents anything about sex (Talking to your parents 2014). Usually, they will ask or get the information that is related to sex from their friends instead of the parents. Therefore, it is clear that teaching kids about sex should be the responsibility of schools so the kids will get more knowledge from the teachers instead from their friends that are unreliable and not just let them to ask their
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