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Thailand will have to deal with sex tourists forever.
Thailand is visited each year by millions of tourists from around the world, 60% of the visitors are male. But did you know that 70% of those males are sex tourists? There is no exact number that indicate how many Thai people are working in this business, but it is guessed that there are at least two million local sex workers in this country. The fact is that Thailand has serious problems regarding sex tourism, better said sex tourism has become an attraction on its own. Will this ever end or is there more than you think?

What is sex tourism?
There are many definitions of sex tourism. The most often used one is that sex tourism could be defined as a person who travel in search of sex exclusively.
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It is believed that these young girls have no sexually transmitted diseases, and I think it is most horrible, that a lot of sex tourists find these young children attractive because of their innocence and vulnerability. An awful but true thought of many pimps is that they have to keep hiring these children.
You will not believe it, but there is one positive thing for Thailand that did come out of this business. Because of the sex tourism, the normal tourism has started growing also. Thailand got more attention in media, not only for the sex tourism but also for the natural attractions. The tourism grew rapidly, so the economy grew rapidly with it.
I think when you ask sex workers what is positive of the job, you will get the answer ‘a better life’. It is notable that Thai women that work in the sex industry, marry their clients that come from the more developed and rich western countries. For these women it is a free entrance, in other words ‘visa’, into that country. It is a way out of the life they have been living, not only for themselves but also for the children they might have.
The blind eye of the

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