Brief Summary: The Role Of Child Sex Trafficking In Children

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Human trafficking violates the fundamental human rights of children all over the world. In a global study by the United Nations identified that trafficked individuals originated from 106 countries and are over 17,000 victims; which 28% of them were children with girls outnumbering the boys by a percentage of 2.5. Also, according to the United States federal law which states that “sex trafficking involves the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, soliciting or patronizing of a person for purpose of a commercial sex act using force, fraud, or coercion, or involving a child less than 18 years of age; and including using a minor to produce child sexual exploitation materials such as pornography, using a child in a sex-oriented business like exotic dancing and strip club, soliciting a child for commercial…show more content…
Children who experienced child sex trafficking will develop some issues during their childhood and possibly adulthood. Also, human sex trafficking in children is a multidimensional problem having legal, media, and social implications. There are certain drawback issues in these following areas, such as ways to identify a child sex trafficking victim, the government effort in stopping child sex trafficking, and the punishments for child sex traffickers. Consequently, issue of human trafficking has greatly increased in the media during these recent years. Cases of international sex trafficking have increased public awareness about human sex trafficking in children in America (Kotrla, K. 2010). With the same determination, knowing and educating people about these growing problems will assist in identifying child sex trafficked victims, avenues the governments to stop child sex trafficking, and the punishments for the child sex
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