Causes Of Sex Trafficking In Russia

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The sex trafficking problem has been the talk of Russia for at least 10 years. It is extremely difficult for women to escape when they reach their unwanted destination. Many women appeal to embassies for help and unfortunately people connected with recruiters of sex slaves stand close to the Embassy in wait for fugitives and do not let them escape (Salt, 2002). It is important to note that not all women who fall victim to traffickers are uneducated. Some are well educated and have legitimate work experience and professional qualifications. However, poor working conditions, low salaries, and lack of alternative employment opportunities drive them in to the trafficker’s web (2002).
Many factors exist—cause and effect—serve as a root
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These people will prey on your vulnerability, situation, and distress to lure you into these situations. Kapstein claims that the “human stain” of modern day slavery and the global trafficking of human being “is a product of the same political, technological, and economic forces that fuel globalization” (p.103) He refers to the system of globalization as one of the “flaws in our contemporary economic and governmental arrangements” (Grandville, 2004, p.152). According to Grandville, it is this flawed system that provides criminals and “outlaw states” with incentives to engage in activities like human trafficking while failing to sanction such behavior through legislation and enforcement. Allowing organized criminal groups to operate within and between states, sometimes with the aid of state and local governments paid by criminals to look the other way. With trafficking profits being extremely high, traffickers and slaveholders have plenty of money to pay off police and government officials…show more content…
This would be beneficial in the fight against human trafficking because well-functioning NGOs are vital in assisting the destitute. NGOs can focus on women to provide them with social mobilization, empowerment, and political agency (Angel, 2008). Since we know that human trafficking of women in Russia is a result of poverty and desperation, NGO activity in Russia would reduce the amount of potential trafficking victims, and thereby reduce the amount of human trafficking in
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