Essay On Sexism In America

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Significant Issues Affecting America Sexism has been a major issue in American history that continues to be a problem in the present day. It starts in schools, where the dress code is absurdly strict to prevent the male population from being distracted from their work. The school system chooses to restrict what women can wear to avoid addressing the true offenders, which are the men who allow themselves to be easily controlled by a female's physique. Additionally, the media fosters sexism further by showcasing movies and TV shows of a beautiful woman being controlled by a powerful man. As a result, young boys learn that girls are pretty objects to be dominated. And the young girls learn that being attractive is easier and more rewarding than being intelligent. From then on girls…show more content…
They both advance one group while obstructing another. It is my opinion that economic inequality is a more pressing issue. Helping the middle and lower classes would make the majority of Americans support the president. More importantly, during this time of recession I deduce that solving economic inequality could bring America out of debt and economically independent due to the influx of educated and affluent citizens. Moreover, increasing the salaries of the middle and lower classes would reduce the amount of people on welfare and other government dependent agencies. Although sexism is a prominent issue, it is more difficult to solve because the problem typically begins in the home, which means that is a right protected by the first amendment. However, sexism could begin to be resolved by mandating equal gender wages. Also by clarifying to schools, the extent of their jurisdiction regarding the attire of their students. After being accepted in society for entirely too long, both issues need to be remedied. It is the responsibility of the government to protect its country even if the problems are
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