Essay On Sexism In America

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In Thomas Paine’s argument America is a just land that gives equal opportunities for the everyone. This argument does not hold true today because of the judgement and lawlessness made in this country everyday. Since America was established oppression has been a relevant issue. Throughout America every citizen is not seen or respected as an equal. In many cases, individuals have privilege over others due to skin color and gender. Although America was founded on equal rights and freedom, it has turned to the manipulation and exploitation of their citizens. Sexism, discrimination, and corruption have caused a change in the original dream of a truly free land.
Sexism in America has the effect of causing individuals to feel more dominant than others. Author Rebecca Solnit describes American women as having “feelings of inferiority”,showing how they are not given the same opportunities as men due to gender(Solnit 1). As Solnit explains this the harsh reality of sexism Americans
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Movements in such as Me too represent all women coming together share their own experiences with sexual assault, making the problem be noticed.This movement became popular in 2017 since then countless celebrities have came together to support the cause and make a change in America. By doing this America is coming together to help make a just society.
Ultimately, America can not be considered a just country. Considering that many Americans are born with a target on their back it is impossible for America to be the land of the free and home of the brave. This has never been equal and may never be. Since the establishment of America the its people have been short handed. America is filled with lawlessness, dishonesty, and wrongdoing.There can be no correlation between America and justice. Henceforth sexism, discrimination, and corruption have caused a change in the original dream of a truly free

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