Essay On Sexism In Movies

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Sexism Behind the Scenes and On the Screens Sexism is one of the biggest problems that the nation faces to this day. Sexism is weaved into society in numerous ways, from gender roles to the glass ceiling. The media is one of the largest influences on society and how people perceive societal values and is also one of the factors that distributes sexism into society. In specifics, the film industry and the portrayal of both men and women significantly impacts the way men and women believe they are meant to act and contribute to society. In the industry, sexism ranges from discrimination behind the scenes to the portrayal of women on the screens. Sexism within films and within the film industry is highly prominent and influences how females in…show more content…
In Carey Martell’s article The Flawed Arguments About Female Discrimination in the Film Industry, Martell disputes that sexism in the industry is not due to discrimination. He explains that the pay gap between actors and actresses is not due to discrimination, but due to a number of differing factors concerning the specific actor. Yet, many females in the industry have a different viewpoint. A number of female actresses have spoken out about their pay inequality, such as Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, and Amanda Seyfried. According to the article Everything You Need to Know About The Hollywood Pay Gap, Madeline Berg states, “Diane Keaton did not receive back-end pay for her star role in Something’s Gotta Give, while Jack Nicholson did” (Berg). Berg also echoes Amanda Seyfried’s word, who states, “...she has, at times, only earned a 10th of what male actors have while working on the same film” (Berg). In an interview, Meryl Streep disclosed the fact that she does not get paid the same amount that her co-stars that are male do (BBC). These multiple instances clearly uncover the gender bias within the film industry, as men generally receive higher benefits while working on the same
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