Essay On Sexism In Sport

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Sports and soccer are social practices, which provide us a wide range of social interaction with a lot of passion and emotion. If we think about soccer and fandom, most of the people would picture a man, drinking beer and supporting the team, he is passionate about. Actually, this image is common, but according to Tofoletti (2013), female fans are more or less ignored, indeed “historical studies have demonstrated the exclusion of women from many sports and their highly restrictive participation in others” (2013: 2). Certainly, it considers to which extent stereotypes of female sports fan reveal about gender power relations in sports. This paper argues that sexism is strongly embedded in sports and soccer, meaning sexist attitudes and actions continue even if individuals, especially male supporters are not consciously aware of them. During examining the female fandom in soccer, there are a variety of popular stereotypes one 's coming…show more content…
According to Missio, the female television tend to offer facts and stats, rather than opinions. Furthermore, female moderators are used to taking on sideline interviews, rather than analysis of the game. With regard to female fandom, it is striking that mass media find it pleasing to put the focus on the “good-looking” female fans, thus it occurs that cameras are switching on female fans during a match. Additionally, internet websites creating articles like: “The 30 Hottest Female Fans” and are classifying women in respect of their outward appearance. Consequently, the embedding of stereotypes is reinforced, because we get the impression of females, who do not care much about soccer, but more about good looks. By contrast, male fans are used to represent the image of masculinity, therefore “own” the power and knowledge in

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