Essay On Sexual Assault In Schools

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Sexual assault is an act whereby one physically interacts with another person without being granted the permission to. It is usually committed as a show of power by one person over another where there is already unequal power relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. In South Africa sexual assault among learners has become a main issue in schools. Its actual incidence is difficult to determine as many cases of learners abuse are never reported. Such harassment and abuse which occurs in schools has disturbing consequences for the health of learners. It has deprived an estimation of 41,8% of learners from their right to education as they feel unsafe within the learning environment. It has been found that after 1986, the number of recorded sexual assault increased from around 15,000 in 1986 to 55,114 in the…show more content…
The school Representative Council Learners (RCL) has to encourage the formation of peer groups for both boys and girls to implement sex education in classrooms and help combat sexual assault among learners and also be monitored by their educators. An understanding of how sexual assault among learners has to be handled in schools by the school principal, school governing board members (SGB), the police and social workers is by means of semi-structured interview and mostly open-ended questionnaire. And also, through the semi-structured interview, it will allow victims to talk about violation experiences they had and as a result many things will be examined and addressed. Therefore, School code of conduct have to be formulated by school governing bodies to enable them to handle issues such as school discipline as it has become a serious issue. This issue has become a prevalent in schools and it has impacted negatively on teaching and

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