Sexual Assault On College Campuses Essay

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There are many problems on college campuses and several go unnoticed. According to BestCollege.com, “one out of five college students experience some type of sexual assault during their college career”. Sexual assault is a term used to describe any type of unwanted sexual activity without the consent of a person (Sexual Assault). One out of five students being assaulted is a major issue in many ways. For example, being a victim of sexual assault can be very damaging for the rest of one’s life, whether it is mentally, emotionally, or physically. It is known to a number of people that sexual assaults are more likely to happen on college campuses than anywhere else. Due to the number of students that are enrolled in college, this is a huge problem that the nation needs to spend more time finding solutions. This topic is important to me because I am a young woman in college who lives on a college campus and it is a necessity …show more content…

According to Time.com, the “temporary bans that campus create after attacks” are not strict enough. There should be more long term consequences for those who commit sexual assault crimes. Another punishment that should be enforced more is “bans on booze” (Time). Due to most sexual assaults involving alcohol consumption, there should be more strict laws and bans on alcohol. According to CollegeDrinkingPrevention.gov, “on average, about half of college student sexual assaults are associated with alcohol use”. On the other hand, many say that some punishments are too extreme. For example, expulsion from school is too harsh of a punishment. Some will argue that it was an accident or the victim brought it upon themselves. These kind of statements are very close-minded because there is no victim that would wish assault on themselves. As for expulsion from school that is not too harsh of a punishment because it is possible they could harm someone else on

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