Harassment In Workplace

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Have you ever been followed by your colleague or getting unwanted nasty or brutal apps, emails from her or him and this action is making you feel humiliated, anxious and uncomfortable? Worldwide, sexual harassment in the workplace is an issue, which disrupts the work environment. Although women are considered to be the primary victim, men are also victims of sexual harassment in workplaces. In Suriname, sexual harassment in the workplace often occurs. Despite the increasing cases of sexual molest, many companies, organizations, and even the government do not have a clear policy to protect employees from sexual harassment. Due to the lack of policies within the companies and government the problem statement is stated as follow:
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The ‘Quid Pro Quo”; is when an employee gets a job benefit, such as a promotion or even gets to keep his or her job based on if the employee agrees with sexual advances. The “hostile working environment” means conditions that are intimidating or humiliating for the victim. In other words, sexual harassment creates a working environment which is unwelcome and offensive. The International Labor Organization (ILO) Committee Experts consider this behavior, also denominated as sexual molestation, a form of sexual discrimination; this is stated in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 ( Civil Right legislation in the United…show more content…
In the employee handbook a policy must be devoted to sexual harassment where sexual harassment is clearly defined, a clear procedure on how to file a complaint about sexual harassment should be stated and it must be clearly stated that sexual harassment is not acceptable in the company and that with the complaints serious actions will be taken by full investigation of what has occurred. It is important to provide information to employees on sexual harassment issues because people are sometimes unaware of the fact that a certain verbal or non-verbal conduct is, in fact, sexual harassment. In that case, the HR manager and the employee know what does and does not constitute sexual harassment in the
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