Essay On Sexuality In The Media

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Sexuality can defined as “the ways in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings.” (Rathus, Nevid & Fichner-Rathus, 2014). Throughout history, the definition of sexuality has been defined through our society, thus shaping people’s perspective on social norms and stigma regarding sexuality. Sexuality also exists with the influence of one’s culture as sexuality is a phenomenon that can be shaped socially, thus it can be dependent on one’s surrounding. One large influence on sexuality is the media, which plays a large role in people’s everyday lives. Media, being one of the most easily available source can be able to shape one’s everyday behaviour hence influencing one’s sexuality over time as it introduces what is the social norm…show more content…
With media being the most accessible source of information, this questions how easy it is for one to turn to media for information surrounding sexual content. Taking pornography for instance, where women are commonly portrayed as playing the submissive yet subordinate roles whilst men are depicted as being more authoritative, the exposure to explicit sexual content can lead to activation of one’s sexual gender role schemas (Bogt, Engels, Bogers & Kloosterman, 2010). Furthermore, in the study by Bogt, Engels, Bogers & Kloosterman (2010) which investigated the effect of exposure of youth media on sexual attitudes and stereotypes regarding gender among adolescents, researchers found out that the portrayal of sexuality in the media, in terms of sexual obsession being common among men, and sexual objection of women being normal can negatively influence adolescent’s perspective of ideal sexuality in a relationship. This suggests that the media can have an influence on the target audience’s ideal of normative sexuality and what is being seen as being excluded from the social norm surrounding one’s
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